We are your Nigerian Canadian Association of Fort McMurray.

The Nigerian Canadian Association of Fort McMurray [NCAFM] was formed in early 2007 to promote the image of Nigeria and her cultural values. t provides a common interface between the Associations members and the general society, and seeks to promote friendship and mutual understanding between Nigerians and other people residing in Fort McMurray. Membership is open to all Nigerians and others who reside primarily in the city, and who agree to abide by the Association’s By-Law.

The Association began with a small group of Nigerians seeking to accomplish the afore-mentioned objectives. Membership has since grown rapidly, due primarily to an increase in the number of Nigerians coming to work in Fort McMurray.

The Association is governed by an elected seven-person executive council that reports to the General Assembly from time to time and is guided by the Association’s By-Law and objectives. Using financial and human resources within its reach, the Association provides support and services to its members through the:
  • Provision of information to new arrivals in Fort McMurray to speed the process of settlement and integration into the community.
  • Organization of social events and forum for Nigerians in Fort McMurray
  • Acting as a liaison between members and official representatives of the governments of Nigeria and/or the governments of Canada
  • Association webpage, providing
    • free Community news and bulletin
    • event invitation and photo album publishing
    • subsidized advertisement
  • Participation in various multicultural activities in Fort McMurray
  • Announcements of social events and gatherings

The Association became registered with the Alberta Corporate Registrar as a non-profit society in 2009. We cherish interaction with other socio-cultural bodies in the city, province and nation-wide. We also encourage collaboration at the Association and individual levels towards the design and implementation of various initiatives, events and programs.

We thank you for taking time to visit our website. We welcome your opinions and contributions.

~ The Executive Council